Thursday, February 14, 2008

More crimes last year, but fewer violent ones

The crime index increased by 7% last year but the number of violent crimes, especially armed robberies and robberies without firearms, dropped significantly.

Acting CID director Deputy Commissioner Datuk Acryl Sani Abdulah Sani said the main reason for the increase in the crime index was the rising number of property crimes, especially motorcycle theft.

“The number of murder cases too dropped from 606 in 2006 to 588 last year while rape cases increased by 29% from 2,454 cases in 2006 to 3,177 for the corresponding period last year.

“We are doing our best and will continue to do more patrols on foot, motorcycles and patrol cars,” he said.

DCP Acryl said the police had reduced the number of crime types in the index, from 18 to 14.

He said crimes like molestation, extortion, criminal intimidation and rioting (brawl involving at least five people) that was included in 2006 to reflect part of the crime index had been removed.

“There is no cover-up here as Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, during Tuesday’s crime briefing, clearly said that we must be transparent and present the truth to the public,” he said.

DCP Acryl also said another reason for the rise in crimes reported was due to the confidence the public had in the police now.

He said it was the policy of the police to investigate all reports lodged and anyone who was turned away or given the runaround should contact the police control centre and provide the duty officer with details of when, where and by whom they were mistreated.

Abdullah had said on Tuesday during the briefing that the people must be kept informed of the actual crime situation and be told the truth.

“The people must be safe at all times and not live in fear of being a victim of crime,” he said.

The Prime Minister, who is also Internal Security Minister, expressed concern over the crime situation and his seriousness in wanting to fight crime.

He approved on-the-spot allocations for the police to purchase vehicles, hire retired policemen, and lease or rent shoplots for use as police stations.


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